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I start school in a week.

I’m nervous because I have to go in every single day but It’s math and i’ve always been good at math even though I scored way too low on the placement which is weird because I left off in the start of trig in high school I requested to go to an alternative school because I hated the competitive rich school I was going to but the alternative school didn’t offer higher levels of math just basic math classes and I had already finished my requirement for math.

It’s just the anxiety of actually going…sitting…

This is why I didn’t go to school for a year but I want this so bad and I have made so much progress with my school anxiety.

In the past year I have been able to get through 5 hours classes as well as 3 hour classes where the teachers didn’t follow the rules and refused to give breaks. 

I can do this… I’m just nervous.

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